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About Us

DMS Onge Publishing is a traditional publisher. We publish a variety of genres of books under a number of imprints. We also publish greeting cards with a patriotic or military theme, and a few other categories of products.

We are not a vanity publisher, subsidy publisher, or a service provider for self-publishing authors. And, we are not a hybrid publisher that tries to do all of these kinds of publishing arrangements. If you are looking for someone to merely print your finished book, we suggest that you search for a vanity/subsidy publisher or printing company instead of a traditional publisher.

We publish books with the following imprints:

    • DMS Onge Publishing for nonfiction books.
    • Red Recliner Books for works of fiction.
    • Saint Justin and Saint Perpetua Orthodox Christian Books for works by and for Orthodox Christians.
    • Font 18 Large Print Books for all our works that are published in a large print format.

We publish greeting cards, note cards and other stationery products under a number of lines:

    • Cards4HeroesTM for our military greeting cards and note cards.
    • Quiet HeroesTM for our series of military greeting cards and note cards with often witty sayings and vintage photographs from different military conflicts, from the World Wars to Korea and Vietnam.
    • Proud American PatriotsTM for our greeting cards and note cards that are mostly for civilian patriots, but which may also be sent to active-duty servicemembers and veterans.
    • Illumination Greetings for our Christian greeting cards, especially for Orthodox Christians, and note cards.

If you are an author interested in having a traditional publisher for your book, please review our Manuscript Submission Guidelines and Author Submission Questionnaire. Our guidelines page will always note whether we are currently accepting submissions. All submissions for books must include a completed questionnaire to be considered for publication.