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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

As Cards4HeroesTM we have specialized in patriotic and military greeting cards since 2005!

We have three different lines of patriotic and military greeting cards. Together, they cover virtually every seasonal holiday and almost all special occasions for civilians and the military.

All of our patriotic and military themed cards are suitable for card stores and specialty gift shops, including museum gift shops, among other retail outlets such as sporting goods stores and firearms dealers, and any store near a military base, academy or school.

We also have a line of Christian greeting cards. These cards cover liturgical themes and feast days, sacraments (such as baptisms and weddings), as well as a variety of inspirational and encouragment themes. Although many are intended for Orthodox Christians, there are also many that are nondenominational and thus suitable for all Christians.

Our greeting card lines are:

  • Cards4HeroesTM: This is our brand for our military greeting cards and note cards. These include military appreciation cards, veteran appreciation cards, as well as military family appreciation cards, especially for military spouses. This line has cards for every seasonal holiday and special occasion, especially those specifically associated with the military. Cards with Christian sentiments are also available. Shop for Cards4Heroes cards.

  • Quiet HeroesTM: This is our brand for a series of military greeting cards and notecards with often witty sayings and vintage photographs from different military conflicts—from the World Wars to Korea and Vietnam. Typically, these are appropriate for many different special occasions, some holidays, and for general encouragement to both active duty servicemembers and veterans. Shop for Quiet Heroes Cards.

  • Proud American PatriotsTM: This is our brand for our greeting cards and note cards that are for civilian patriots, as well as servicemembers and veterans. If your shop is looking for cards to carry that have American Flags, or the red, white and blue themes of Old Glory, and our country’s annual Independence Day celebrations on July 4th, these are the cards to carry. Shop for Proud American Patriots Cards.

  • Illumination GreetingsTM This is our newest brand of specialty greeting cards with Christian sentiments. Many are suitable for all Christian faiths, but we focus on the ancient Orthodox faith. If your shop or church store needs spiritual or inspirational greeting cards, then these are for you. Topics eventually will include all sacraments and feasts.

We are made in America! Our cards are printed on papers made in America. Also, our packaging is made in America. We always strive to use products and services that are made in our Country. And, our staff is comprised of Americans!

NOTE: Consumers may continue to purchase our patriotic and military greeting card products at our website (i.e., direct to consumer purchases and B2B purchases). At that site, business, institutional, and organizational customers, as well as individuals, may make bulk purchases of some products. Volume discounts and quantities available for each style of greeting card or note card are listed on each product page. Wholesale purchases of our greeting card products are not available through that website. Wholesale purchases must now be made through the shopping portal at, this website. Use our Contact Us form to request credentials to see all products available for resale to retailers.

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