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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Submissions are currently being accepted for nonfiction and fiction.

Submissions are not currently being accepted for greeting cards.

Submission Guidelines

Your manuscript should be submitted via email. Your manuscript should be submitted in full, if it is completed (preferred), or at least the first three (3) chapters with an outline for the remainder of the work. If you are sending just three chapters, you must estimate your time to completion in your email.

It must be a Word document double-spaced with one (1) inch margins on all sides, in Times New Roman, font size 12, with an estimated word count. Your manuscript must be paginated in the header with your full name and working title on each page. Please email your manuscript as an attachment to with the subject line “Manuscript Submission: [your working title]” and use the email address to which you would like correspondence emailed to you. Include as a separate attachment a completed Author Submission Questionnaire. The body of your email should include a brief cover letter describing the nature of your work, with estimated word count. Please do not send a cover letter as an attachment.

You should be fluent in using Word's track changes feature. If you are not familiar with this feature, please wait to submit your manuscript until you are accustomed to using it.

Use the following list to check that you have complied with all guidelines:

  • Email with subject line: “Manuscript Submission: [your working title]” sent to us at
  • Cover letter in the body of the email, not as an attachment, with estimated word count
  • Manuscript as an attachment
    • Word document, double spaced with one-inch margins
    • Times New Roman, font size 12
    • Paginated in header with your full name and working title on each page
    • Completed work, or at least the first three chapters and an outline for the rest of the work with estimated date of completion
    • Complies with Content Guidelines (see below)
    • Contains no impermissible content (see below)
  • Completed Author Submission Questionnaire as an attachment (see below)

What to Expect After Submission

We review all manuscripts sent to us that meet our Submission and Content Guidelines. If your manuscript does not meet our guidelines, we will not read it. So do not send us a manuscript in a font style and size of your choice, a manuscript without pagination as we require, or fail to attach a completed Author Submission Questionnaire.

Due to the volume of submissions, we do not reply with an acknowledgement that we have received your email. You may use a read receipt request with your email software to ensure we have received your submission. But such a read receipt does not reflect that we have reviewed your manuscript—it is only an indicator that we opened your email.

It is your responsibility to ensure your email includes the proper attachments. If your email fails to include your manuscript or Author Submission Questionnaire as attachments, we will not notify you of that. If you realize later that you failed to add your attachments, you may resubmit your manuscript. In such a case, title your subject line with the term “Manuscript Resubmission” and your working title.

The amount of time it takes us to review a manuscript varies. Factors that affect review time include the volume of manuscripts we receive, whether you submit a completed manuscript or only three chapters, how many titles we are currently publishing, our assessment of whether your manuscript is trendy or seasonal and whether it was submitted in a timely fashion for the season, and how long we take internally to discuss the viability of a manuscript. If you receive an offer from another publisher or decide to self-publish your work while we are considering it, then you may email us to withdraw your submission. If you withdraw, please use "Withdrawal of Manuscript" and add your working title in the subject line of your email.

If we are interested in publishing your work, we will send you a contract. It will have a deadline by which the offer must be accepted. If you do not accept our offer to publish by the deadline for acceptance, the offer will lapse automatically.

If we would like more information, we will contact you by phone or email. We may request additional chapters of your work, or if we have questions about your work we may wish to discuss such matters with you. A request for further information is not an indication that we will ultimately decide to publish your work.

We do not send rejection emails or letters. If you have not heard from us within thirty to sixty days, you may Contact Us once with a reminder about your submission. But please be professional and do not inundate us with repeated inquiries about your submission. Trust us, if we want to publish your work, you will hear from us.

Content Guidelines

You must adhere to the following content guidelines for manuscript submissions. It is your responsibility to ensure the work you submit complies. If it does not meet all of these guidelines, then we will not evaluate your work for publication.

Always check the first lines of this page to see what types of submissions we currently consider. It is updated whenever we have a change in our submission requests. Please do not send us content we are not looking for at the moment.

Permissible Content:

Language must be English, although some dialect is permissible. (Foreign language is permissible so long as the text and context of the foreign words used make their meaning clear and do not constitute a significant portion of the book, or if the foreign words are commonly known.)

Text must be in black and white (B/W). We do not publish color books at this time.

Preferred Subject Matter:

  • Nonfiction: History, Law/Government, Politics/Current Events, Military/War, Biography/Memoir, Christian, Home Schooling Aids related to any permitted content area
  • Fiction: Legal/Political Thrillers, Military/War, Literary, Dramatic, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction, Cyber/Techno Thrillers, Christian Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic/Prepper/Survivalist

Impermissible Content

We will not publish works with certain types of content. Please ensure that your work does not contain any of the following types of prohibited content:

  • Excessive or gratuitous profanity or vulgarity, violence, sexual behavior, or depictions of violence or sexual abuse involving minors.
  • Plagiarized content or any quotations long enough that they would require permissions and for which you do not have proper permissions from the original author or the rights owner. Permissions are the author’s responsibility to obtain.
  • Work that otherwise infringes on the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of another person or entity.
  • Work that invades another person’s rights to privacy and publicity.
  • Work that is defamatory/libelous.

Probited Subject Matter:

There are certain genres of fiction and certain categories of nonfiction we choose not to publish. This list will always be current. Please do not send us a work if it falls into one of the following categories:

  • Nonfiction: Cookbooks, Sports, How To, New Age/Occult, Business Get Rich Quick Schemes, Technical/Scientific, Self Help/Diet, any other category not listed as preferred content
  • Fiction: Erotica/Pornography, Experimental/Alternative Fiction, Children’s Books, any other genre not listed as preferred content

If you are an author thinking of submitting your book manuscript for our consideration, please learn more about our Publishing.

Please also review information about our various Imprints, our FAQs For Authors, and our Author Submission Questionnaire.