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Author Submission Questionnaire

Author Submission Questionnaire

A completed Author Submission Questionnaire is required for us to consider your work for publication for any of our book imprints. Your answers must be complete and thorough. Please download the questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

To evaluate the suitability of your work for our traditional publishing program our questionnaire asks a variety of questions:

  • about you and how to contact you
  • about the work you are submitting
  • about your goals as an author
  • about your interest and ability to assist in the marketing of your work

Get Author Submission Questionnaire.

Why do we ask about your marketing of your own book?

No book can be a commercial success without the active participation of its author. Even celebrity authors and best-selling authors hawk their books everywhere they go, in book-signing tours, and on their personal social media platforms. They work hard not just at writing, but also at marketing their books and building their brands. If you can’t or won’t do the same, why should we take a chance on investing our company assets in publishing and marketing your work?

If you are an author thinking of submitting your book manuscript for our consideration, please review our Manuscript Submission Guidelines to see our content preferences and requirements. That page will indicate whether we are accepting submissions and what kinds.

Please also review information about our various Imprints. You may also wish to review our FAQs For Authors and general information about our Publishing.