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Publishing with DMS Onge Publishing

Publishing with DMS Onge Publishing

All About Publishing with DMS Onge Publishing

DMS Onge Publishing is a traditional book publishing company. We publish a small number of titles annually. We invest in works we believe will have longevity in the marketplace because they have a sound message. We also look for works that will be profitable for you, the author, and us, and thus worthy of our investment in both the work and you as an author. After all, if your work is successful, we hope that you have another book in you and that you will want to publish more of your work—with us.

We are not a vanity press, subsidy publisher, or other synonym for self-publishing - or some sort of hybrid publishing company. You will not be asked to foot the bill for publishing your work nor will you be charged for editing services or multi-level marketing plans. Instead, we invest in you and your work, paying royalties as your title sells. You are free to purchase copies of your work, once published. But you are under no obligation to do so. Beware so-called small traditional publishers who require you to purchase just fifty or a hundred copies of your work, instead of thousands. These companies are still quasi-subsidy publishers because you are required under their contracts to purchase a specified quantity of your work.

We print using a variety of means. Neither you nor your readers will pay exorbitant prices for a single copy of your work because it is available only as print-on-demand. When we publish your work, we typically print the first printing in small quantities we think we can sell in a reasonable amount of time. Then, we plan for reprints as necessary over the life of the work. However, we will also produce titles through print-on-demand services at times.

Why are we a traditional publisher?

We think there is more room in the marketplace for true small traditional publishers. We started this publishing company because we know too many people who have wanted to get their book published who have gone to so-called “publishers” that have not been anything other than some variant of vanity or subsidy publishing. These companies really only facilitate self-publishing and usually require the author to spend thousands of dollars for various services. These people were convinced to purchase various types of plans for “publishing” and "marketing" their books, when they were really only contracting to “produce” them with minimal marketing support.

These authors sometimes end up buying thousands of books. And these books then sit in their garages, basements, and dining rooms. Or, the stacks of unopened cartons may be put into rented storage facilities because they could not sell them but the authors cannot bear to part with them, thus adding to the cost of their work and diminishing the possibility of earning any profit as the months and years go by. In the end, too many such authors have spent a small fortune without seeing any profit. They actually sustain a loss on their work. This discourages such authors from writing another work.

To add insult to injury, many times these so-called “publishing” contracts do not specify termination of rights for the author. Neither do the contracts define what will constitute the work being “out of print” so that the author is free to exploit the work elsewhere. So, an author cannot come out with a new edition or a new format, such as an eBook, to earn more income and to stimulate sales of the print edition sitting somewhere in their home or rented storage unit. Such limitations impede the author’s ability to act in a way that increases the possibility of the work ultimately being profitable when a publisher is unwilling to further exploit the work.

None of this is a model we wish to emulate.

We focus our efforts on the few manuscripts we accept to ensure they are well edited before publishing, and marketed well thereafter. We appreciate work that is already well-vetted and well-written. But we also appreciate authors who will accept constructive feedback to improve their work in ways we think are necessary to make the work profitable. A work is really a cooperative effort by a willing author to write and a willing publisher to edit a meaningful addition to the world of ideas, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. And a successful work is one with an author and publisher who both understand they need to continue to work together over time to make the work commercially successful after the initial printing.

Our contracts with our authors are lengthy. They spell out all the terms necessary for you to give us the right to publish your work in a variety of formats, and our ability to exploit the work to make a profit and pay royalties to you, the author. And our contracts govern all the terms of our relationship during the life of the work—which we always hope will be long, as our goal is to develop a strong backlist over time.

Our contract with you will also specify termination rights—for both of us. You need to be able to exploit your work for profit if we choose not to further exploit it. But we also need to be able to terminate when an author is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities under the contract.

What do we publish?

We publish a variety of genres in the fiction and nonfiction categories, including Christian works. We publish works under a number of imprints. Our publishing interests include nonfiction works in the categories of History, Law, Politics/Current Events, Military/War, Biography/Memoir, Christian, and Home Schooling Aids related to any permitted content area. In the realm of fiction, our publishing interests extend to the genres of Literary, Dramatic, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction, Cyber/Techno Thrillers, Legal Thrillers, Christian-themed Fiction, and Post-Apocalyptic/Prepper/Survivalist.

We also publish a number of lines of greeting cards especially for the military, their families, veterans, and patriotic Americans. We also publish a Christian line of greeting cards, with an emphasis on the ancient Orthodox Christian faith. The military greeting cards that we publish cover every U.S. service branch: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines, as well as the National Guard and Reserves. Those lines also cover every military special occasion and holiday. The patriotic cards we sell cover many holidays and include many blank note cards. Our Christian line of greeting cards covers major feast days, personal religious occasions and sacraments, such as weddings and baptisms, and a wide variety of encouragement and inspiration themes.

And, we carry a number of other printed products. These generally support our lines of greeting cards and our book imprints. Examples of such products include stationery and bookmarks.

Want to submit a manuscript?

If you are an author thinking of submitting your book manuscript for our consideration, please review our Manuscript Submission Guidelines to see our content preferences and requirements. That page will indicate whether we are currently accepting submissions and what kinds.

Make sure you review and complete our Author Submission Questionnaire. A completed questionnaire is required for us to review your manuscript.

Please also review information about our various Imprints. You may request that your work be published under a specific imprint. However, use of our imprints for works we publish is in our sole discretion.

You may also wish to review our FAQs For Authors.