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Common Purpose - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)
    Common Purpose - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)
    Type: Wholesale package of six (6) greeting cards with white envelopes
    Dimensions: 7" x 5" folded
    Cover: With a common sense of purpose . . . (a vintage photograph from WWII showing a naval ship at sea, the USS Sanctuary)
    Inside Verse: people can travel far together.
    Imprint: Quiet Heroes

    Purchase Common Purpose - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)
    • SKU: WQ21377
      Common Purpose - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)

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    This Quiet Heroes card features a vintage photograph of a naval ship from World War II, the USS Sanctuary.  It also saw service during the Vietnam War.  It was principally used as an ambulance, sometimes carrying POWs, or as a floating hospital.

    This is a wonderful card to give to anyone in the military and it is especially nice to give to sailors, and anyone in the naval medical fields.

    The Quiet Heroes Collection is a series of cards using mostly vintage photographs from prior wars. Captions are respectful of our military and are often witty, celebrating some of the day-to-day events in the lives of deployed servicemembers.

    Suitable for any military service branch:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, Merchant Marines, Reserves.
    Suitable for any patriotic American.

    Each card comes with a white envelope and is packaged in a clearbag.  
    The set comes with a display card that has the title "Military Appreciation" at the top.  
    Our greeting card products are unpriced so that you may price them for what your market will bear.  
    MSRP:  2x wholesale price ($3.99).

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