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Supply Section - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)
    Supply Section - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)
    Type: Wholesale package of six (6) greeting cards with white envelopes
    Dimensions: 7" x 5" folded
    Cover: Hanging with the "Rugged Boys" from the Supply Section (a vintage sepia tone photograph from WWII showing members of a supply section)
    Inside Verse: Sometimes camaraderie makes all the difference.
    Imprint: Quiet Heroes

    Purchase Supply Section - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)
    • SKU: WQ21370
      Supply Section - Military Greeting Card (Pkg. of 6)

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    This Quiet Heroes card features a vintage photograph from World War II. The image shows six American GIs in the supply section. Handwritten notes at the edges of the photo state "picture of some of the Supply section Rugged Boys" and is dated 7-8-42.

    This is a nifty card to give to anyone who served in World War II. With its message of teamwork, it is also nice to give to those who are deployed.

    The Quiet Heroes Collection is a series of cards using mostly vintage photographs from prior wars. Captions are respectful of our military and are often witty, celebrating some of the day-to-day events in the lives of deployed servicemembers.

    Suitable for any military service branch:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, Merchant Marines, Reserves.
    Suitable for any patriotic American.

    Each card comes with a white envelope and is packaged in a clearbag.  
    The set comes with a display card that has the title "Military Appreciation" at the top.  
    Our greeting card products are unpriced so that you may price them for what your market will bear.  
    MSRP:  2x wholesale price ($3.99).

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